Joint Meeting of Essex & Union Counties



Joint Meeting Laboratory

The Joint Meeting has its own in-house State Certified Laboratory. With a staff of nine (9) technicians, analysis of plant samples and Industrial Wastewater is performed for various parameters. Results of these analyses are used for process control as well as reporting permit requirements to various Federal and State Regulatory Agencies.


Michael J. Phillips
Industrial Pretreat/Lab Manager - ext. 1502
Christine Ginn
Lab Supervisor - ext. 1520
Ed Kobovitch, Lab Technician
Djavana Menter, Lead Lab Technician
Dave Dipner, Lab Technician
Melanie Follmer, Lab Technician
Manisha Patel, Lab Technician
Jane Martynova, Lab Technician
Patricia Faraga, Lab Technician
Elijah Bueno, Lab Technician
Jean Cabral, Lab Technician
Lauren Maffia, Assistant Lab Technician
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