Joint Meeting of Essex & Union Counties


Certified Parameters

NJDEP Laboratory Certification #20213 EPA Labcode #NJ00170

The Joint Meeting Laboratory is certified for the following parameters:

Wastewater Parameters Method
Ammonia SM 4500-NH3 B plus D-11
Ammonia SM 4500-NH3 B plus E-11
Biochemical Oxygen Demand SM 5210 B-11
Carbonaceous BOD (CBOD) SM 5210 B-11
Chemical Oxygen Demand (CBOD) SM 5220 D-11
Chloride SM 4500-CL C-11
Chlorine SM 4500-CL D-11
Cadmium SM 3111 B-11
Chromium SM 3111 B-11
Copper SM 3111 B-11
Cyanide SM 4500-CN B,C -11 and D-11
Cyanide SM 4500-CN B,C -11 plus E-11
Cyanide Amenable to Cl2 SM 4500-CN B,C -11 and G-11
Fecal Coliform SM 9221 C & E06
Fecal Coliform SM 9222 D-97
Lead SM 3111 B-11
Nickel SM 3111 B-11
Nitrate EPA 352.1
Oil & Grease - HEM - SPE EPA 1664A
Oil & Grease - HEM - LL EPA 1664A
Oil & Grease - SGT - Non Polar EPA 1664A
Oxygen, Dissolved SM 4500-O G-11
Oxygen, Dissolved SM 4500-O C-11
pH SM 4500-H B-11
pH (Corrosivity) SW-846 9040 C
pH - Soil and Waste SW-846 9045C
Phosphorus (Total) SM 4500-P B5-11 plus E-11
Residue - Filterable (TDS) SM 2540 C-11
Residue - Nonfilterable (TSS) SM 2540 D-11
Residue - Settleable SM 2540 F-11
Silver SM 3111 B-11
Specific Conductance (Conductivity) SM 2510 B-11
Sulfate SM 4500-SO4 E-11
Temperature SM 2550 B-00
Total, Fixed, and Volatile Solids (SQAR) SM 2540 G SM 18th.Ed.
Zinc SM 3111 B-11
Solid Hazardous Waste Parameters Method
Cadmium SW-846 7000B
Chromium SW-846 7000B
Copper SW-846 7000B
Lead SW-846 7000B
Metal SW-846 3050B
Nickel SW-846 7000B
Silver SW-846 7000B
Zinc SW-846 7000B
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