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Hurricane Sandy

On the evening of October 29, 2012 Hurricane Sandy made landfall affecting the area where the Joint Meeting wastewater treatment facility is located. Despite adverse weather conditions, the unprecedented storm surge and the simultaneous occurrence of the astronomical high tide the Joint Meeting facility treated all of the raw sewage that entered the facility during the storm period. Not a single treatment tank overflowed even though waters from the Elizabeth River and the Arthur Kill began flowing into some of the tanks. Although there was an outage of PSEG power for several days the treatment facility continued to operate on electrical power produced by the onsite Cogeneration Facility - the facility never shutdown except for a very brief period of time that it took to start up the onsite generators. Some flooding of buildings occurred at the height of the storm. Damage assessments were initiated the next day following the storm. Repairs were also immediately started once the damages were identified. The Joint Meeting staff has been extremely diligent in repairing those portions of the plant that were adversely affected by Sandy.

As a final note, there were no NJPDES permit violations that occurred during or after the passage of the storm. This is to the credit of the JM staff that were present through the entire storm and afterwards. Many employees remained at the plant site for more than 24 hours and made every effort possible to report for duty. They did a remarkable job in adapting to changing weather conditions and the impacts on the treatment facility.


A few times a year we put out a newsletter for our employees and interested public. In these newsletters we list achievements and news pertaining to our wastewater treatment plant, collection system and employees. Please note that Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view our newsletters, which is available free for download.


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