Joint Meeting of Essex & Union Counties

Joint Meeting Staff

Key Staff at the Joint Meeting

Hanifa Z. Johnson
Executive Director
Chief Engineer
Stephen Dowhan
Grace Quintero
Administrative Office Manager

Joint Meeting Administrative Staff

Jack Kelly
Acting Director of Administration/Finance
Robert Barry
Director of Human Resources
Chris Pabst
Project Manager
Michael J. Phillips
Industrial Pretreatment/Laboratory Manager
Francis Bonaccorso
Ass't. Superintendent
Operations / Maintenance
James J. Paluch
Ass't. Superintendent
Collection System Operations
Bartholomew Brophy
Operations Manager
Roman Wisniewski
Maintenance Manager
Sandra Caseres
Health & Safety Manager
Jerry Volpe
Interim Q.P.A.
Malika Johnson
Assistant Board Secretary
Ray Jimenez
I.T. Manager
Ralph LaMendola
Joseph Bonaccorso
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