Collection Systems

Key Personnel  Overview


The JMEUC Collection Systems Department maintains approximately 43 miles of gravity sanitary sewer trunk lines ranging in size from 10-inches to 81-inches in diameter.

Key Personnel

James J. Paluch
Assistant Superintendent / Collection System Operations

Andres Gallego
Collection System Supervisor

Chris Stafford
Collection System Operator


The Collection System Department handles a variety of duties and responsibilities:

Conducts a proactive operation and maintenance program consisting of annual inspection, evaluation and resultant prioritized rehabilitation of all JMEUC infrastructure components, thereby insuring uninterrupted service to member municipalities and service customers.

Investigates and responds to all New Jersey 1 Call routine and emergency underground utility mark-out requests within the areas of JMEUC jurisdiction.

Monitors the sewage flow conditions throughout the JMEUC tributary area on a real-time basis through the operation and maintenance of 36 flow metering systems and 3 rain gauges. These meters are located at various points where major sections of the sewer intersect and at municipal boundaries. The location of the meters is identified on the attached summary sheet and accompanying map. Metering facilities are installed at various points along the sewers in order to measure the flow coming from each member municipality. In some cases, a single meter or pair of meters are required to measure the flow from a municipality. However, it is more common for the flow from a single municipality to be determined by the addition and subtraction of several meters. The flow readings obtained provide valuable information relating to infiltration/inflow sources, maintenance requirements and monthly municipal flow patterns. Section-3D
Reviews and approves all JMEUC related Treatment Works Approval (TWA) Applications prior to submittal to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) for final TWA permit issuance.

Oversees the Joint Meeting Infiltration / Inflow (I/I) Reduction Program which is performed in conjunction with TWA Development within the JMEUC member municipalities to insure sufficient Joint Meeting trunk line and wastewater treatment plant capacity.

Maintains and updates asset management, sewer inventory and mapping programs containing GIS and database software.

As per JMEUC Rules and Regulations (adopted 12/18/03) relating to sewer construction and sewer use, the Collection System Department reviews and processes all sewer connection / excavation applications and permits submitted to the Joint Meeting by various municipal contractors and developers who anticipate connecting into the JMEUC original or supplementary trunk line. Section-7A