Flood Mitigation Project

The Joint Meeting of Essex & Union Counties (JMEUC) has begun construction on Phase I out of VI for the FEMA-funded flood mitigation program.

The first project entails the construction of a new “Effluent Pump Station” which will divert the gravity-fed flow into a state-of-the-art pump station to force the treated water through the operation of five (5) 50 MGD pumps.

Phase II & III of the flood mitigation program requires an upgrade to the existing Co-Generation Facility by adding two (2) engines to generate additional electricity, and the construction of a flood wall around the main plant, respectively. Both projects have been awarded and a notice to proceed will be issued shortly.

Phases IV, V, and VI are under review by NJ DEP and the corresponding authorities. These projects include the rehabilitation of an existing Army Corps of Engineer’s stormwater pump station located on the main plant and adjacent to the Elizabeth River, and the construction of a flood wall and stormwater pump station on the Dewatering Plant across the street from the main plant.


Description: Footprint of future Effluent Pump Station – Phase I Excavation


Description: Support of Excavation Phase I – Wet Well and Surge Tank Foundation


Description: Wet Well Foundation - Poured


Description: Wet Well Baffle Walls & Surge Tank


Description: Surge Tank Wall @ Elevation 18.75’ & Wet Well Baffle Walls @ Elevation 8.75’


Description: Wet Well walls formed and reinforced with #10 Steel bars up to elevation 18.75’


Description: Effluent Gates at Surge Tank